Volunteer work – Maidenhead Road Gate

Volunteers set to work on tidying up the block paving and pathway at the entrance to the fields from Maidenhead Road. With spades and brooms quick work was made of the job, all the weeds and soil have been removed – a great improvement. If you have suggestions for improvements and/or would like to volunteer please contact the Committee.

Here’s some before and after photos:

DSC04568                                                 DSC04572


Bats detected in Rowley Fields

Our first ever Friends of Rowley Fields Bat Walk took place on Friday 11th September and was a great success. A mixed group of twenty one adults and children enjoyed a 90 minute walk around the fields from early dusk. Guided by Lois Browne a volunteer from the Warwickshire Bat Group members used Bat detectors to hear the bats as they flew around. A number of detections were made, in particular an active flight was detected and then spotted by torch light, near to the large tree and pond (by the children’s play area). Both the Common Pipistrelle and Soprano Pipistrelle were found.

The walk was highly informative and enjoyable, we hope to offer another walk in 2016.

More information on Warwickshire Bats can be found at http://www.warksbats.co.uk/aboutus/home.aspx


Bat Walk – fully booked

Sorry folks, Friday’s Bat Walk is now fully booked. Please keep checking for future events including a Fungi Walk and Charity Christmas Dog Walk. Next Bat Walk in 2016.