Stratford Town Trust secures Town Green status for Rowley Fields

Last night (15th September) at the Town Trust AGM it was announced that Rowley Fields has been officially registered as a Town Green.

Put simply this means that Rowley Fields can’t be developed and will be a green space for our community in perpetuity. This is the most amazing news for all the Friends Of Rowley Fields and also everyone who has campaigned to prevent this area from being developed.

Recognition has to go to Tim Bailey who has been the driving force behind this process. His determined, focussed and reasoned approach is a shining example of how the public can make change if they really want to.

Here’s the press release below.

Stratford Town Trust has acted to protect Rowley Fields from future development by registering the much-loved recreational space as a Town Green. This move brings the fields under the protection of The Commons Act 2006 and is a first for Stratford and one of only a handful across the country.

Rowley Fields is used daily by many people from across Stratford for a range of recreation and leisure, with individuals, clubs and groups, young and old all benefiting from the positive mental health and wellbeing advantages that come from accessing green space. The fields also act as a buffer for the neighbouring Welcombe Hills Nature Reserve. Stratford Town Trust have prioritised improving the biodiversity and ecology with the planting of a community orchard and a simpler mowing regime to help the flora and fauna.

Sara Aspley, Chief Executive of Stratford Town Trust said: “We are delighted that Rowley Fields is now a Town Green which guarantees it will be protected from development and remain an important recreational resource in perpetuity. It will continue to provide access to nature, improve the wellbeing of residents and visitors and make a positive environmental contribution to the town for generations to come. We will continue to care for the fields and intend to improve the grassland species and wildflowers with a long-term management plan.”