The Spring Picnic

rowley fields picnic

The new Friends of Rowley Fields group’s spring picnic saw over 60 members join, all of whom were unanimous in their determination to enhance the field’s recreational facilities and protect the land for the future. Although only the large parcel of land has now had development plans withdrawn (the smaller area is still slated for planning) everybody agreed that the Town Trust has done the right thing to abandon plans to build 85 houses on the main field.

Local resident, Tim Bailey, said ‘We were all horrified that this unique piece of green space, used by hundreds of Stratford people every day, might disappear forever. But all that local outrage has had the unintended consequence of galvanising the local community. We’ve had lots of suggestions for things we can do together from school nature trails and treasure hunts and building exercise stations to more ambitious ideas like an annual games event, regular cross country races and sponsorship by local businesses.’

Quentin Willson, who has lived opposite the fields for 17 years added ‘The Town Trust listened to the objections of the local community and now really understands just how important this land is to so many people in Stratford. Hardly an hour passes without me seeing someone running, walking, exercising dogs or even flying kites and model planes on this special parcel of land. The rest of the UK should take note that developers don’t always get their own way. The town should be proud that we’ve saved Rowley Fields from tarmac.‘

Fundraising plans are in hand to help support the Town Trust and preserve the space forever. Anyone interested in joining should go to our new website or by coming to our launch event at the Welcombe Hills School on Thursday June the 11th at 7.30pm.