Spring update 2017

Members may be interested to know that our Committee have continued to meet, in part to agree the future role of our group . We feel our aims which were agreed when we first established still remain current:

  • To liaise with the STT and other interested organisations to ensure that Rowley Fields is maintained to a good standard, providing a facility for recreation and leisure time activities.
  • To protect Rowley Fields for future generations.
  • To enhance Rowley Fields, ensuring free access by all, regardless of age or ability.
  • To be a point of contact for users to raise their concerns about Rowley Fields.
  • To raise public awareness about the historic, aesthetic, wildlife and amenity value of Rowley Fields and to encourage user participation.
  • To encourage membership of the Friends of Rowley Fields.


Having reviewed things we decided to approach the Trust with the aim of promoting points one and three above. In early March Tim Bailey and Jane Price met with Justin Williams and discussed the general maintenance and appearance of the fields. We based our meeting on a visual audit of the land and the feedback received from members during earlier consultations regarding the future uses of the fields.

The meeting was very positive, Justin invited us to provide a report highlighting the issues. Consequently, we have written to the Trust outlining the following:

  • Lack of signage e.g. the children’s play area
  • Notice Board
  • Erosion of walkways and gateways and the increased risk of slipping and falling during the winter months
  • Damage and repairs to fencing and gateways
  • Benches and seating (top field)


We have offered our help as volunteers for any basic low risk jobs that we could complete but clearly some of the work requires professional assistance.

We are confident that the Trust will respond positively and address the points we have raised.

As always if you have any points to raise please let us know or of course feel welcome to approach the Trust yourself if you would prefer.